Thoughts on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Last October, I stumbled upon the Netflix documentary titled Banking on Bitcoin. Immediately afterward I began researching and educating myself on all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies related. Since I’ve watched that documentary, I don’t think a single day has passed where I don’t read and think about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

There’s a story I read somewhere that involved the British philosopher & mathematician Bertrand Russell. The story goes that Bertrand was hosting a birthday dinner at his home with many famous and smart friends. He was in his late nineties at the time of the event (Bertrand Russell passed away when he was 98 years old), so the birthday dinner had a sort of farewell vibe.

Eventually, at some point, one of the dinner guests proposes a question to Bertrand. I don’t remember the exact wording of the question, but it went something like,

“Mr. Russell, after spending a lifetime reading, writing, studying philosophy and mathematics, what’s something you can tell us for certain? What have you learned?”

I can imagine the entire dinner table stopped their side conversations, finished chewing their food, and put down their eating utensils, only to listen eagerly.

Bertrand said something like, “I’ve learned, that I actually know nothing.”

That’s, definitely, not the kind of answer I would expect. I’m sure many of Bertrand’s guests thought the same thing.

But, that’s exactly how I feel the more I read and learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The more questions I answer, the more questions I simultaneously uncover. The more I dig into cryptocurrencies, the more I realize there’s left to dig.

It’s a technology that is going to change everything, like railroads, the gasoline powered engine, and the world wide web. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, will be revolutionary. Of course, we just need to give it sometime to grow and develop. Exactly, how the internet took many decades to develop and grow. A lot of the upcoming blockchain discoveries are still being researched and developed, in computer laboratories, all over the world.

I believe that those who spend the time researching blockchain, today, will be miles ahead of those who choose to ignore it. Imagine if you had created a simple blog, exactly when it was possible to do so with the internet. You would have a multimillion dollar web page in your hands today!

That’s the kind of potential that we are witnessing once again. It’s very exciting, and that’s why I can’t stop reading, thinking and talking about Bitcoin and crypotocurrencies .