The good life

We are all in search of the good life. We crave the good life. We sit in a waiting room, waiting for our name to be called, hoping to be handed the exact step-by-step guide on how to achieve our version of the good life. The waiting room has nice T.Vs playing classic movies. The chairs are comfortable too. You are unaware of exactly how much time you are spending waiting. We want the guide written for dummies though. We don’t want to try too hard.

The thing is that, there should be no waiting. What are you waiting for exactly? The waiting room is an illusion. You’ve been alive already for quite some time. You should have been on the search and grind already. Are you waiting for so much time to elapse, that you are forgiven by those around you for never finding your good life. You are here. You are on center stage. The spotlight is shining on you and has been for a number of years already. “Action!,” was yelled already. The director is quietly sitting in his chair. He is beginning to bit his nails because you look like you froze. You are not reciting your piece! The director is looking around with his hands up whispering, “what’s happening!?” The extras are at the lunch table, silently, dipping donuts in their third cup of coffee. They’re wagering on how long it’ll take you to snap out of it. The models are eating another wheat bagel (they just had one an hour ago). But you froze!

You may not realize that the waiting room, you think you are sitting in, is actually a waiting room scene built on the center of the stage. And the director is waiting for you to walk out and do something. But it looks like you totally froze and forgot that you are supposed to be taking action and not just be sitting around. You probably weren’t eating well and sleeping well the days before, leading up to your big break. Consequently, you zoned out and lost your mind. The thing is that, the director can’t rush up on stage and smack you in the face. He wants to though. Why not, you ask? Because he’ll ruin the show for the audience. The audience will realize that you froze and therefore think that you and the whole crew suck. So everyone is just going to let you be, and pretend it’s part of the performance and pray you wake up soon.