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What will artificial intelligence bring?

I have noticed a lot of talk about artificial intelligence recently.

First, I’m reading The Inevitable by Kevin Kelly. This book has an entire chapter dedicated to artificial intelligence. It doesn’t view AI as a threat, to humans, as other sources are predicting it to be.

Second, the last two conferences I’ve been to this year have heavily gotten behind the idea of machine learning.

Third, one of my favorite bloggers (David from Raptitude dot com) wrote a post about it this week. David’s post, definitely, took the view of seeing AI as a potential threat to humans.

Four, it was announced today that Elon Musk launched a company called NeuraLink. Its goal is to merge the human brain with AI. Elon has stated that the purpose of this venture is to protect the human race against the likely threat of AI destroying us. The venture is aimed at keeping us ahead of the curve.

A lot of smart people are worried about the future AI, including Stephen Hawking. They seem to believe that once machines get smart enough to grow and think on their own, the only logical step will be to wipe out the human race. Or, since they will grow, very rapidly, and be much smarter than humans, we will eventually cease to exist. Our incredibly slow biological growth rate won’t be a match for AI’s rate of growth.

I agree with Kevin Kelly on this one. Since our human brains developed consciousness, and the ability to be social and empathetic, who is to say that artificial intelligence won’t do the same. It could be the nature progression of higher intelligence.

The predictions of AI, assume that it will be cold blooded and completely rational. If the human brain developed empathy, social skills, and emotions to survive, why won’t AI do the same? Honestly, no one knows. I suppose it’s a safe bet to assume the worst, and begin preparing just in case AI is cold blooded.

In the short run, I think that AI will indeed remove a lot of jobs that we have had for years, but it will add new jobs that we can’t yet imagine nor predict. I don’t think that AI taking over our jobs is a real threat, because it will simply create new jobs for us.

At one point, being a farmer was a common job. At another point, doing the same task in a factory was a common job. Right now, accounting and other office jobs are very common (truck driving is incredibly common), but those will soon be replaced with something new for us to do. We have to wait and see what those new jobs will look like. What if we all have to become programmers?

*After writing this post I stumbled upon Tim Urban’s articles on artificial intelligence. Wow. They’re really good and really long reads. Check out part 1 here and part 2 here. They painted a vivid picture as to why AI will be a big deal for humanity’s future. You’ll definitely like them.

An app to read long blog posts

I was recently struggling to find the time to read long blog posts, from my favorite blogs, due to my busy schedule. I was searching for a solution and found one that has been working very well. I have an android phone so this solution would work for you if you have an android as well. If you don’t, I’m sure there is a similar app for the iPhone.

The app is called Voice Reading. This app will read out loud any link that you load into it. It reads it in the usual robotic voice. You can speed up or slow down the reading too. You can easily have Voice Reading read the blog post for you while you drive or do anything else (like work). It works perfectly and it has really allowed me to keep up with my favorite writers.

If you have a similar issue of trying to find the time to actually read longer blog posts, then this app is for you.

New day, new opportunity

Every new day is a chance for fresh start. Whatever you didn’t do yesterday can be forgotten. Whatever opportunity you missed out on can be forgotten.

If you’re an app developer, now is a good time for you. If you missed out on creating a great app that gained traction for smart phones now is your chance to redeem yourself. Apple will be soon releasing their smart watch. The Apple watch is certainly destined to make many app developers super happy. Possibly some new millionaires on the horizon. You have a shot of your app gaining quick traction since the platform is new. New opportunity to make an impact if you missed out on the last. I believe the Apple watch will come with only 15 apps. Calendar, maps, passbook, music, Apple TV and iTunes, remote camera, stopwatch, timer, alarm, world clock, stocks, weather, photos, Siri and settings. So the opportunity is amazing. The problem is figuring out what kind of apps work and what kind don’t work. With only 15 apps on the Apple watch there will be a lot of low hanging fruit. Easy ones would be a calculator and simple games.

I look forward to seeing what happens with the Apple watch. Smart phones sparked the creation of some amazing apps so I’m sure Apple’s latest product will do the same.

Checking our phones

I’m sure we are all aware of how much we check our phones. If not, pay attention. We check our phones a lot. Whether it be playing games, texting, browsing the web or checking social media apps.

I recently started thinking, that it seems like, people go out to just check their phones. Obviously, this isn’t the case but it sure looks to be the case. People go out to restaurants, bars, stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, museums, amusement parks, gyms, friend’s houses, work and school. What do all these places have in common? The people, at them, are always checking their phones! It doesn’t matter where they’re at.

I’m waiting for the day to arrive where people start posting “I came to Disneyland to check my Instagram!” Or “I came to Downtown LA to text my friends!” Admittedly, it seems ridiculous but as time passes it’s slowly becoming more plausible.

The cure…let’s put boundaries on where we can and can’t check our phones. Oh yeah I just checked my phone, oops.