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Do you have real power?

What is real power? How do you define power?

Is it how many people you are in charge of (at work or at home)? Or, is it the ability to control the circumstances in your life?

It seems like real power is the ability to control and influence the direction your life is going in. If you’re just going with the flow, then you really have zero say in the outcome of your life. That definitely can’t be power.

In the major areas of life, do you have control of the direction it’s going in, or are you simply on a boat going where the water current takes you? I try to think about this, in regards to health, finances, and relationships/ social life.

What influences are you letting yourself be exposed to and which ones are you blocking out? The influences you let in will definitely play a huge role in the direction of your life.

These are ideas that I felt like thinking about today (Sunday).

As the years pass by, and technology continues to advance, the number of things not in our control is going to continue to shrink.

Leaders are born or are leaders made?

Leaders are born. Or, is it, leaders are made? What’s the answer? Like usual, it’s probably a mixture of both. Nothing is ever black or white. There’s always a little gray.

Seth Godin believes that leaders are made. Seth is talking about the workplace, so he’s likely correct. I would agree that leaders can be made in the workplace if properly trained.

Magic Johnson believes leaders are born. Or, more accurately, you’re either a leader or not when you come into the NBA (usually 18 – 21 years old).

Two seasons ago the Los Angeles Lakers drafted D’Angelo Russell with the #2 pick. He has the talent to become an All-Star caliber player. Tons of players are drafted during the draft, and a vast majority go nowhere, while a very small percentage go on to have successful NBA careers. An even smaller percentage become All-Stars. The Lakers, of course, were hoping that Russell would live up to his talents.

During Russell’s rookie season, you could see glimpses of his potential, but he didn’t get much playing time since Kobe Bryant was in the midst of his last season before retiring. Last season was Russell’s first full season where he saw plenty of playing time. It was also the first season where Magic Johnson (President) and Rob Pelinka (General Manager) would be in charge. They got hired to hopefully turn the Lakers around, and back into a winning team.

Magic took the job determined to bring the Lakers back to winning. Immediately, he began evaluating each player. Magic wanted to know which players would make great pieces on a championship team. Winning a championship is the ultimate goal.

Throughout last season Magic watched the games, talked to the players, attended practices, and went to workout sessions. He found out what he needed to know.

A few days before the NBA draft (Lakers again had the #2 pick) the Lakers made a stunning trade that sent Russell to the Brooklyn Nets. Many fans felt that it was a bad move (initially me too). That was their #2 pick of only a few years ago, and those are hard to come by! He still had tons of potential (only 21 years old)!

It became clear that Magic had found out what he needed to know, and that he didn’t make a terrible choice. Lonzo Ball had worked out for the Lakers twice, as a draft prospect. Lonzo plays the point guard position, like Russell. He’s big for the position, like Russell. Lonzo is 6’6″ while Russell is 6’5″. Lonzo also has incredible talent, with his passing abilities shinning bright, like Russell.

After seeing Lonzo work out for the Lakers and after hanging out with Lonzo’s family for a day, Magic saw the difference between the two talented young point guards.

Lonzo Ball was a born leader.

Lonzo Ball’s college coaches praised his leadership skills, and so did his parents (he was the oldest child).

On the other hand, Russell was questioned many times throughout the season regarding his leadership skills and locker room presence. Magic knows what it takes to win a championship. Magic knows that the point guard, on a winning team, needs to be a leader.

On draft day, Magic and the Lakers selected Lonzo Ball with their #2 pick. Both had incredible talent, but Lonzo Ball had the right mentality. Ball was a born leader. Magic Johnson found his point guard. As a Lakers fan, I hope Lonzo does well and lives up to his expectations.

Use your hours (days) wisely

There are a lot of great philosophers/ thinkers who promote the idea of getting the most out of your day.

Use your hours wisely.

Squeeze every ounce of juice out of your day.

Don’t be wasteful of your day.

“We are not given a short life but we make it short, and we are not Ill-supplied but wasteful of it.” -Seneca

Execute every act of thy life as though it were thy last. -Marcus Aurelius

But, where do we draw the line? When do we take a break? When can we simply hang out and chill?

I think you’re allow to chill, as long as you’re doing something that you truly enjoy, and as long as you’re in the moment. You can’t be fretting about the future. You’ve got to try your best not to be thinking about your next event/ activity. Life always happens in the moment.

Don’t be wasteful of your hours, because your hours are your days. Your days will end up being your life. That’s the ultimate idea to keep in mind.

A good day for me is a day where I touched on all of my ultimate life goals. Tai Lopez puts it in an easy to understand format when he says, ‘health, wealth, love & happiness.‘ If I touch on all four of those each day, or at least three, then I consider the day to be a good use of my life. Having that as my standard usually keeps me from blatantly wasting entire days of my life doing useless things.

Do you have a specific standard for what a good day (non-wasteful) looks like?

What to do when you’re having a bad day

What do you do when you realize you’re having a bad day? You can call it an off day too. Sometimes you can feel it coming on. Maybe, you’ve been extending yourself too much during the past days or weeks.

Or, sometimes you just wake up and know you’re in the midst of an off day. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a full on bad day. You can either be in a slightly agitated mood, or feeling very introverted. Whatever the case is, it happens to all of us. Even the best of the best humans have bad days. It’ll be a little different for everyone, but not a whole lot different.

Here’s what I do when I feel a bad day coming on, or when I’m actually having the said bad/ off day.

1) Stop doing what you need to do, or thought you had to do for the day. Put the to do list aside.

Go to the basics, and do things that make you feel good. Eat your favorite food. Spend hours reading. Go for a walk. Crack open a beer or bottle of wine. Play your favorite sport. Play with your child. Call your sibling or best friend. Watch your favorite show or movie.

Whatever it is for you, allow yourself to do it.

2) Invite someone you trust for lunch, dinner, or a drink. Talk and let it out to someone you trust and know very well.

Someone you can complain to, and won’t feel judged doing it. Don’t invite new friends, acquaintances, or new dates.

Text those who you truly trust. A best friend, parent, significant other, sibling or cousin.

3) Spend the entire day doing number ones. If you still feel off the next day, go ahead and repeat.

Usually a day or two of this will be exactly what you needed 🙂 . Having a bad day is normal, so don’t get over stressed about it.