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Diamonds and good work

Here’s a good post from Rohan at A Learning A Day:

“Like diamonds, good work is a result of a prolonged period of continuous pressure.

The continuous pressure does two important things. First, it propels us to take daily action. And, second, it forces us to make sure we’re constantly learning and growing. This learning and growth, in turn, enables us to make the take better action.

Put together, this combination of daily action and continuous learning and growth make for a powerful self reinforcing combination.

Why, then, do people run away from continuous pressure? Perhaps the answer lies in the word “pressure.” It sounds stressful and negative. It can be all of that, of course. But, it can also be the kind of environment in which we thrive.

The difference, I’ve come to realize, come down to just one question – is the pressure imposed by someone else or is it self imposed?

The former creates negativity while the latter lays the foundation for an exciting, learning filled, life.”

Now the question to ask yourself is, whether or not you’re continuing to apply pressure to the different areas of your life. Are you, or have you grown stagnant?

Upgrade your gut feeling

Can you upgrade your gut feeling? Is that even possible?

I think so.

Find the people that you would like to operate more closely to and hangout with them. If you can’t hangout with them, read their books, essays, watch their videos or listen to their podcasts. Do this as much as possible everyday. Even more than you are comfortable with.

Remember what Seth Godin wrote, “Doing the best I can is actually not the same as, ‘doing everything I can.’ When we tell people we’re doing the best we can, we’re actually saying, ‘I’m doing the best I’m comfortable doing.’ As you’ve probably discovered, great work makes us uncomfortable.’ 

You might only be dedicating ten minutes per day to reading, but is that all you can do? You can probably do a lot more. Upgrading your gut feeling is not easy, and it certainly won’t happen anytime soon with a weak effort.

As time passes you’ll begin to notice yourself thinking and acting differently. You’ll say and do things that you’ll recognize from the people that you’re trying to be more similar to. That’s a good thing. That was your goal from the beginning.

Immerse yourself in the world of those that you admire. Poor decision making comes from being immersed in the average. Most people immerse themselves in TV, sitcoms, TV commercials, radio commercials, radio music, Netflix, their complaining coworkers, and their complaining friends. That’s why they think the way they think. You can’t really blame them. Their gut feeling has taken the shape of their influences. If they’re hungry, they reach for the Doritos.

If you decide to upgrade your gut feeling, in terms of health, you’ll know it’s working when you reach for the raw almonds, over the Doritos, when you feel like having a small snack.

You can upgrade your gut feeling in regards to almost anything. There are people already living the way you want to live. All you got to do is find them, listen to them, and begin doing what they advise.

The importance of finding your path to mastery

It is important to find your path to mastery. If you haven’t found it yet, then that is something that you should begin looking into. Finding your path to mastery is essential for becoming the best that you can be. You will grow in ways that you would have never thought was possible. If you just dibble and dabble all through out your life, then you won’t ever be able to grow into your utmost potential. Drifting in life is the direct opposite of pursuing your path to mastery.

Your path to mastery can be anything. It can be playing guitar, computer programming, internet marketing, writing, basketball, boxing, car racing or stand-up comedy. The main criteria is that you need to be passionate about the subject. Passion is key because without passion there is no way that you will be able to continue progressing through the ups and downs of the path to mastery. Many say that mastery takes ten long years of dedication. Ten long years of grinding. Ten long years and, if you truly love it, you will certainly continue practicing and refining your craft. You really have to enjoy what it is that you choose to become a master at. The path to mastery is the ultimate tool to unlocking your full potential. I recently read Robert Greene’s Mastery and I hope that we all find that one thing that we are able to pursue forever.

If you lack a path to mastery, then that is something that you need to figure out as soon as possible. Ask yourself key questions in hopes of uncovering it. Ask those closest to you what they think your passion is. Once you find it and begin pursuing it you will notice that you life will gain a whole new meaning. You will wake up in the morning ready to take on the challenges of the day and you will have energy even when you find yourself tired.

Get uncomfortable to grow

In order to grow and gain confidence you have to get uncomfortable. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations pushes your personal boundaries. That in turn forces your comfort boundaries to expand and grow. It’s a good idea to do things weekly that make you a little nervous and anxious.

As your boundaries slowly expand and grow you will notice your confidence slowly growing along with it. You’ll have confidence in yourself because you will know that you can handle uncomfortable situations and survive. In some cases you might find yourself thriving in uncomfortable situations. Eventually you will be able to handle the uncomfortable situations and get through them regularly.

If you want to grow and increase your self confidence look into getting yourself uncomfortable. Do presentations, take new classes, host meet-ups, make new friends, volunteer here and volunteer there. Get outside your comfort zone and change up your daily routine. You have to get uncomfortable to grow. You have to push yourself to keep life exciting and enjoyable. There is no point in letting life get boring and uneventful. Set up your days so that each day has the opportunity to present you with a different challenge and routine.

This will prevent you from stagnating in life. Once you begin to stagnate in life, you will notice that your mind will become disengaged and cease to grow. When you stop growing, that is the point where you will stop enjoying each day of your life. The daily change is what keeps you happy and growing. When life turns into too much of a predictable routine, that is when you will begin to dread days and feel constantly bored. You will find your self going through life in a lazy haze. Challenges keep your spirit up and your mind sharp.

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” -Brian Tracy