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Get Out and Get Some Sun

In a time where the majority of us spend our hours inside an office, at home or riding in a car, we can forget the importance of getting some sun. Go out and get some sun. It might seem foolish to say, especially when we always have something to do. Even though we have busy schedules, it’s still important to keep in mind. We’re humans. We’re supposed to be outside.

The last 1.5 weeks I spent an abnormally amount of time indoors, and you know what? I actually started to feel weird. I definitely began to feel odd, and not myself. My mood was noticeably down and my energy levels. Those are some consequences, of staying indoors, that I’ve heard others repeat. In my opinion, it’s a real thing and not simply a mental thing.

I don’t like the feeling of feeling off, so it’s something I’m going to try to stay away from. From now on I plan to put more effort into going outside, getting sun and breathing some fresh air on a daily basis. We’ll see how that works out!

Because of my experience, I decided to Google the benefits of going outside and getting sun. There were some obvious benefits, and others that I would’ve never thought of. Check them out for yourself, or read them below.

  • Improved short-term memory
  • Restored mental energy
  • Stress relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better vision
  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper thinking and creativity
  • Possible anti-cancer effects
  • Immune system boost
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced risk of early death

Why do health physicians give generic advice?

Why do health physicians seem to give generic advice? I suppose it’s their job to give simple answers, since most people won’t care about hearing complicated answers.

Recently, I went to see my primary care physician about getting a testosterone test. I had just read the 4 Hour Body by Tim Ferriss, so I was super interested in seeing where my testosterone levels were at. I didn’t end of getting the test done, because he didn’t agree with me needing to take it. He said a lot of things that were contrary to what Tim had written in the 4 Hour Body.

My primary care physician stated that if I don’t feel lethargic or depressed (I don’t), then my levels are healthy. He also asked, if they were low, would I be open to taking treatment to raise them higher? I said no, because I wanted to use the natural methods Tim advised in his book. I told him what those natural methods were. Eating a healthy protein/ fatty diet, sleeping well, Brazilian nuts and eating avocados daily.

Surprisingly, the health physician said none of that will do anything. He said, he is sure none of that actually works. I was pretty shocked, and now I’m thinking that he really meant for the average male it wouldn’t do anything. Right???

Even though, I don’t know where my testosterone levels stand, I’ve been taking Tim’s advice and doing a lot of practices that he advises to keep your testosterone levels good – high. I’ll probably look to get tested sometime in the future, but, of course, with a different physician 🙂 .

I can’t help but think that his response is on the same track of what physicians usually say to those that have overweight issues. Instead of telling them to eat real healthy food, they prescribe pills and recommend diet sodas.

Don’t lose your momentum

Don’t lose your momentum. One of the most difficult things in life is recovering from lost momentum. If you have momentum, don’t allow yourself to lose it until you get the results that you are seeking. I’m sure we’ve all had (I know I have) the experience of aiming for a goal, then taking a break (losing momentum) only to find it even more difficult to get back on the right track.

If you have a goal, stay on it. If you let your foot of the gas pedal you are taking the risk of never achieving it. This is the reason why most people never go back to school after their ‘break’. If you want a Masters degree you better get on it right after your bachelors degree or else the chances of you ever doing it get very close to zero. The same rule applies to those who graduate high school and decide to take a year or two off, to work full time, with the intentions of eventually going to community college. The result is that they never take any classes and end up working full time forever. I’ve known more than a handful of people who have made a choice like this.

If you have a goal of losing X amount of pounds, don’t allow yourself a few cheat days half way there, you have to hammer it out until you actually reach your goal. If you lose your momentum, you run the risk of never reaching your goal and having to wait months before you build the courage to try it again.

Life is like a race track and your the race car. The most effective way around the race track is to wisely use your momentum and be careful to not lose it. You never see a race car driver completely stop before a sharp corner. They go around the track using the car’s momentum as much as they can.

What do you take for granted?

Yesterday I spent the entire day laying in bed, due to feeling sick. Every time I got up, it would only take a few minutes until I started feeling weak and realized I should go lay back down.

I really missed feeling normal yesterday. I hadn’t been sick for 8-10 months prior to yesterday. I realized that I took it for granted that my body was, regularly, running on all cylinders. I can only imagine what it feels like to be sick all the time. It must be pretty bad. Only one day, and I was starting to complain about it. It got me thinking about all the other things we take for granted on a daily basis. Our time, health, friends, family, weather, car and thousands of other things.

Do you take your good health for granted?