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Not doing equals not knowing

If you’re not doing something, then you don’t know. Not doing, equals not knowing.

Don’t be the person who claims to know how to lose weight, gain muscle, learn French, get smarter, build a business, make new friends, get a large social media following, but, for some reason, is not doing any of those tasks.

If you truly knew, you would be doing it. Why? Because, who doesn’t want to lose weight or learn French? We all think that would be cool. We all have aspirations, but a lack of know-how prevents us from achieving them.

An important aspect of knowing how to lose weight is knowing how to begin, keep yourself motivated and hold yourself accountable. How do you overcome those days when you really want donuts?  Those are equally as important as knowing that you should be eating more vegetables, and less sugar. Simply knowing what to eat, doesn’t fully entail knowing how to lose weight. That’s only a piece of the puzzle.

The hardest part of goals is knowing how to begin. Knowing how to remain focused. Knowing how to go up the hills and survive the dips. Knowing how to find the pieces of information that you’re missing. It’s not just factual information that’s needed.

You need to know yourself very well to ensure you make it to the final destination. Knowing yourself is very important. It’s very sad that most people don’t know themselves. They don’t know their own habits, motivations, weaknesses and strengths. Figure that out first.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” -Thales

That might be the most challenging aspect of achieving any goal. If you don’t know where your faults lie, then you won’t see them coming. Consequently, you’ll fall right into them and that will be the end of the story.

That’s why I don’t like stating that I know anything, unless I’ve actually done it before, or have some experience with it. There’s so much more to achieving certain goals than simply regurgitating well known facts.

Get Out and Get Some Sun

In a time where the majority of us spend our hours inside an office, at home or riding in a car, we can forget the importance of getting some sun. Go out and get some sun. It might seem foolish to say, especially when we always have something to do. Even though we have busy schedules, it’s still important to keep in mind. We’re humans. We’re supposed to be outside.

The last 1.5 weeks I spent an abnormally amount of time indoors, and you know what? I actually started to feel weird. I definitely began to feel odd, and not myself. My mood was noticeably down and my energy levels. Those are some consequences, of staying indoors, that I’ve heard others repeat. In my opinion, it’s a real thing and not simply a mental thing.

I don’t like the feeling of feeling off, so it’s something I’m going to try to stay away from. From now on I plan to put more effort into going outside, getting sun and breathing some fresh air on a daily basis. We’ll see how that works out!

Because of my experience, I decided to Google the benefits of going outside and getting sun. There were some obvious benefits, and others that I would’ve never thought of. Check them out for yourself, or read them below.

  • Improved short-term memory
  • Restored mental energy
  • Stress relief
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Better vision
  • Improved concentration
  • Sharper thinking and creativity
  • Possible anti-cancer effects
  • Immune system boost
  • Improved mental health
  • Reduced risk of early death

How to get rich

Felix Dennis wrote a great book titled How to Get Rich. In it he lays down the necessary steps to becoming rich and the pitfalls to watch out for. It’s a good read with very little fluff. I felt as if Felix was laying out the rules cut and dry. He wasn’t trying to make the process sound easy or nice, he was just telling the reality of what it takes to get rich.

Check out The Upside-Down Pyramid For Getting Rich:

1. Commit or don’t commit. No half-measures.

2. Cut loose from all negative influences.

3. Choose the right mountain.

4. Fear nothing.

5. Start now.

6. Go!

Pretty cool, right? One of my favorite paragraphs in the book is the one that follows.

“If you are young and reading this then I ask you to remember just this: you are richer than anyone older than you, and far richer than those who are much older. What you choose to do with the time that stretches out before you is entirely a matter for you. But do not say you started the journey poor. If you are young, you are infinitely richer than I can ever be again.” -Felix Dennis 

If you want to get rich, it will take a lot of hard work, sacrifices and action. Felix also makes you dwell on the reasons why you want to get rich. He knows that it takes so much out of you and that the chances of you succeeding are very slim. He really emphasizes thinking about what you believe will be gained by becoming rich.

Happiness? Freedom? Things like this can be had with a regular job. Felix warns that you don’t have to sacrifice your youth, to becoming rich, if your ultimate goal is happiness. Think long and hard about it because it definitely won’t be easy, according to Felix.

Deliberate and consistent action

I wanted to write something on deliberate and consistent action. Fortunately, Rohan beat me to the punch, as I’m sure it’s better than what I would have said.

This is how you get results in any area of your life. You won’t see a huge difference day to day, but over the year(s) you will notice a massive change. Put in the effort day after day and eventually you will see the significant change towards the direction of your goal. It has worked for many successful people before you, so rest assured that it will work for you.

Here’s what Rohan had to say:

If you spent one hour this weekend on learning something that will be useful to your career, that’s just an hour, right? Can one hour really accomplish all that much?

But, what if you spent an hour every weekend for the next 4 weeks?

Then again, what if you spent one hour every weekend for the full next year?

Suddenly, you would have amassed 52 hours or 3120 minutes. Not bad at all. If you picked up a book about an important but difficult topic – let’s say Statistics – and spent 3120 minutes on the topic, how much impact would that have on your life? If your work involves consuming large amounts of data, the effect is likely size-able. But, this could just as easily be an hour on artificial intelligence or cognitive psychology or selling.

One hour may not be much. But, string it together over time and the combination could be potent.

Definitely worth a shot.

Yes, definitely worth a shot. It’s the only real choice we have.