Hello world my name is Arthur Guerrero. I have a bachelor of science degree in environmental sciences. I created this site in order to give myself a platform in which I can express my thoughts and opinions on various topics. I plan to write about health, science, philosophy, life, work and whatever else I feel is relevant in the future. I am an avid learner. I read a lot whether it be on the web or from a book. I am also a thinker. Combining what I read with what my thoughts are is what I plan for this site to ultimately become.

There is one main event, in my life journey so far, that lead me to launching Thought of Art dot com. Three classes before receiving my bachelor’s degree, I took the time to apply to one full time position. The reason for doing this was because I had a number of friends who had graduated a year before me who were still unemployed. So I decided to give myself a head start. To my surprise I got an interview and a week later I got offered the job. I accepted the position because they were willing to be flexible with my remaining class schedule in order for me to complete my degree. To say I was happy would be an understatement. I wasn’t making great money but for my age (23 years old) my salary was slightly above decent.

As I started inching towards my first full year of working full time, I quickly realized that it was not as great as I had been told. To be honest I felt lied to. It was just tough mentally to accept the fact that this was basically ‘it’ till retirement came. Yes, I planned to switch jobs eventually/ make more money but the daily routine would remain otherwise unchanged. Wake up, get ready, commute to work, work while looking forward to the end of the day, commute home, eat, relax and then go to sleep. Repeat for five days, only to be given one day of complete freedom (Saturday). Sunday does not really count since you know Monday is around the corner and you can not really fully relax. This was my future for years to come. Traveling and meeting interesting new people was not a natural part of my daily routine. I would constantly ask more experienced family members and friends “Is this what all the fuss was about? It’s not that great to be honest.” They said you became more accepting of the situation once you got married and had kids. That did not make me feel too much better!

I decided that I had to figure out a way for me to do something I enjoyed everyday, while having an income too. Sober of course. Read this. I decided to save as much money as I reasonably could for the next two years, while working full time, before resigning. Two years eventually passed me by, leaving me feeling even more passionate about the fact that I had to do something to make sure I enjoyed everyday of the rest of my life.

That story leads me directly to where I am today. While currently living off my savings, I have been reading tons of material everyday and building Thought of art dot com along with a few other projects. I’m also working on my writing career. All this is in hopes of creating a life and career that I look forward to waking up to, every night when I go to sleep.