The power of reading

What powers does reading have? Reading, to me, is a form of meditation. It relaxes you. You get a chance to sit deep in thought. Lost in thought. Your mind paints the images of the author’s words. It’s a team effort. The author and you engage in a form of conversation. The author put tons of effort and time to write what they wrote. Sometimes you can sense their moments of inspiration.

There are few things in life that are truly good for you, as a human being. Reading, is one of them. Throughout history we have witnessed many great minds come and go. Even if they are no longer here with us, their legacy and knowledge is still accessible via books. I honestly wish I could read 24/7. I have other areas in my life that require time, so that is not doable, but even then I still read as much as possible. Life is not a set path but rather an unpredictable journey. Books are hints and tools that can help you be better prepared for whatever life’s journey throws at you.

If you decided to go on a long trip. A trip, to visit a place, that you are unfamiliar with. Would you consider leaving your house with no gps or glance at Google maps? Probably not because you know you would get lost. Well, people who say that reading is not for them, or say that they don’t have time to read, are doing exactly this. It makes no sense to purposely leave the house knowing that you will be lost soon. Neither does it make any sense to come up with excuses not to read. Just read and enjoy the learning.