Morning Routines are Important

I like to think that morning routines are important, but there are many people out there who get along perfectly fine without a specific morning routine. If you listen to the Tim Ferriss podcast you’ll notice that a lot of successful people have specific morning routines, and a lot of others have no such thing.

Some of those successful people wake up, eat a specific breakfast, meditate a certain way, perform a specific exercise routine, while others simply roll out of bed and begin working. But, maybe rolling out of bed and beginning their work, immediately, is their morning routine.

Who says a morning routine has to involve more than one activity?

If you’re the type of person that feels perfectly fine getting out of bed and heading to work right away, then maybe that’s for you. If you’re unhappy with your days, and productivity levels, then maybe you’ll do better with added structure to your morning.

I noticed that I have better days when I execute my morning routine. I can ignore it for a few days and feel fine. But, if I skip my morning routine for more than four days I begin to feel off. It’s hard to explain, but I’ve come to the conclusion that I like waking up early and doing my usual morning routine.

I’ve told close family/ friends, and they think it’s odd that I wake up so early to mediate, read and eat breakfast. But, I think it’s odd that they wake up, and 15 mins later they’re heading to work 🙂 .

We’re all different. If you like how things are going for you, then keep your morning routine. If you feel like there’s room for improvement, then experiment and try something different tomorrow morning. Life is a big experiment, and there are very few out there who know how to live it right.