Henry Miller on art and life

“Just this-that art, the art of living, involves the act of creation. The work of art is nothing. It is only the tangible, visible evidence of a way of life, which, if it is not crazy is certainly different from the accepted way of life. The difference lies in the act, in the assertion of a will, and individuality. For the artist to attach himself to his work, or identify himself with it, is suicidal. An artist should be able not only to spit on his predecessor’s art, or on all works of art, but on his own too. He should be able to be an artist all the time, and finally not be an artist at all, but a piece of art.” -Henry Miller

Henry Miller describes, his view of, the relationship an artist should have with his own art work. Miller is saying that living well involves the act of creating. If you are not creating, then it can be said, that you are not living well, according to Miller. The art itself is not important. It’s just evidence, proof that that you are living life. I’ve heard this idea echoed a few times by other artists. What does a non-artist think of this? I’m sure there are other ways, in which, one can live well that doesn’t involve the act of creation.