Ego is the enemy

Ryan Holiday’s new book Ego Is The Enemy is coming out soon and I’m looking forward to getting it. I truly believe that Ryan is one of the future’s upcoming philosophers, as I’ve mentioned here. After reading his book The Obstacle Is The Way I felt that he would try to make the shift from marketing to philosophy. Based on the new title of his book, he is indeed making the successful shift to philosophy.

Without having read the book (yet), I already like the title of the book. Our ego is often our enemy. Our ego makes us think that we are far more important than we really are. Because of this we often get angry at small incidents and accidents that happen to us in life. If someone cuts us off in traffic, we flip out.

“How could that asshole cut me off!”

Really? Who cares? He is having a bad day and in a rush to get home just LIKE YOU. The ego is at the root of a lot of our unhappiness and negative emotions. Our ego takes us through an array of emotions throughout the day.

We’re not as important as our ego would have us believe. In fact, we could pass away at any moment and the world wouldn’t skip a beat. According to our ego, we are the center of the universe. Other than to a hand full of people, the lack of your presence on earth would not be missed at all. It is hard to accept these facts, because our ego has been built up to have us think that we matter a lot more than we actually do. This was useful for our early ancestors. Today, it’s more of a nuisance if you let it get out of control.  Once you accept the ego for what it is, and learn to put it aside, that is when life becomes more relaxing and enjoyable.

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