Do you have real power?

What is real power? How do you define power?

Is it how many people you are in charge of (at work or at home)? Or, is it the ability to control the circumstances in your life?

It seems like real power is the ability to control and influence the direction your life is going in. If you’re just going with the flow, then you really have zero say in the outcome of your life. That definitely can’t be power.

In the major areas of life, do you have control of the direction it’s going in, or are you simply on a boat going where the water current takes you? I try to think about this, in regards to health, finances, and relationships/ social life.

What influences are you letting yourself be exposed to and which ones are you blocking out? The influences you let in will definitely play a huge role in the direction of your life.

These are ideas that I felt like thinking about today (Sunday).

As the years pass by, and technology continues to advance, the number of things not in our control is going to continue to shrink.