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Not doing equals not knowing

If you’re not doing something, then you don’t know. Not doing, equals not knowing.

Don’t be the person who claims to know how to lose weight, gain muscle, learn French, get smarter, build a business, make new friends, get a large social media following, but, for some reason, is not doing any of those tasks.

If you truly knew, you would be doing it. Why? Because, who doesn’t want to lose weight or learn French? We all think that would be cool. We all have aspirations, but a lack of know-how prevents us from achieving them.

An important aspect of knowing how to lose weight is knowing how to begin, keep yourself motivated and hold yourself accountable. How do you overcome those days when you really want donuts?  Those are equally as important as knowing that you should be eating more vegetables, and less sugar. Simply knowing what to eat, doesn’t fully entail knowing how to lose weight. That’s only a piece of the puzzle.

The hardest part of goals is knowing how to begin. Knowing how to remain focused. Knowing how to go up the hills and survive the dips. Knowing how to find the pieces of information that you’re missing. It’s not just factual information that’s needed.

You need to know yourself very well to ensure you make it to the final destination. Knowing yourself is very important. It’s very sad that most people don’t know themselves. They don’t know their own habits, motivations, weaknesses and strengths. Figure that out first.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” -Aristotle

“The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself.” -Thales

That might be the most challenging aspect of achieving any goal. If you don’t know where your faults lie, then you won’t see them coming. Consequently, you’ll fall right into them and that will be the end of the story.

That’s why I don’t like stating that I know anything, unless I’ve actually done it before, or have some experience with it. There’s so much more to achieving certain goals than simply regurgitating well known facts.

Thoughts on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Last October, I stumbled upon the Netflix documentary titled Banking on Bitcoin. Immediately afterward I began researching and educating myself on all things Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies related. Since I’ve watched that documentary, I don’t think a single day has passed where I don’t read and think about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

There’s a story I read somewhere that involved the British philosopher & mathematician Bertrand Russell. The story goes that Bertrand was hosting a birthday dinner at his home with many famous and smart friends. He was in his late nineties at the time of the event (Bertrand Russell passed away when he was 98 years old), so the birthday dinner had a sort of farewell vibe.

Eventually, at some point, one of the dinner guests proposes a question to Bertrand. I don’t remember the exact wording of the question, but it went something like,

“Mr. Russell, after spending a lifetime reading, writing, studying philosophy and mathematics, what’s something you can tell us for certain? What have you learned?”

I can imagine the entire dinner table stopped their side conversations, finished chewing their food, and put down their eating utensils, only to listen eagerly.

Bertrand said something like, “I’ve learned, that I actually know nothing.”

That’s, definitely, not the kind of answer I would expect. I’m sure many of Bertrand’s guests thought the same thing.

But, that’s exactly how I feel the more I read and learn about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. The more questions I answer, the more questions I simultaneously uncover. The more I dig into cryptocurrencies, the more I realize there’s left to dig.

It’s a technology that is going to change everything, like railroads, the gasoline powered engine, and the world wide web. Blockchain, the underlying technology behind Bitcoin, will be revolutionary. Of course, we just need to give it sometime to grow and develop. Exactly, how the internet took many decades to develop and grow. A lot of the upcoming blockchain discoveries are still being researched and developed, in computer laboratories, all over the world.

I believe that those who spend the time researching blockchain, today, will be miles ahead of those who choose to ignore it. Imagine if you had created a simple blog, exactly when it was possible to do so with the internet. You would have a multimillion dollar web page in your hands today!

That’s the kind of potential that we are witnessing once again. It’s very exciting, and that’s why I can’t stop reading, thinking and talking about Bitcoin and crypotocurrencies .

Why Bitcoin and Cryptoassets are NOT Stupid

Did you read Mr. Money Mustache’s newest post titled Why Bitcoin is Stupid? You should, regardless of what you think about bitcoin and cryptoassets. I like Mr. Money Mustache and have been following his blog for years. Probably 3 or 4 years. I’ve read every single one of his posts, because he always gives great advice.

With that being said, I have to say that his latest article on bitcoin and cryptoassets has to be one of his worst posts of all time. I, usually, agree with everything he says and writes about, but that didn’t happen this time.

After reading his post, I got the impression of someone who didn’t do all the research they claimed to have done. MMM (Mr. Money Mustache) claims to have done his homework, but I didn’t get that vibe at all. It sounded like he found a few articles on the subject and shortly after felt confident enough to write an article trashing bitcoin and cryptoassets.

Of course, I know that bitcoin and the crypto world has its flaws (we probably are in a giant bubble), but to recommend that people completely stay away from ALL cryptocurrencies is stupid.

Should you take out a mortgage and invest it into bitcoin? Hell no.

Should you dump your checking account into bitcoin? No way.

Should you empty out your savings account into bitcoin? Don’t do that.

Should you take out credit cards and max them out on bitcoin? Definitely, not a good idea.

But, should you invest zero dollars into bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies? Hell no!

It would be equally as stupid to completely stay away from all cryptocurrencies, as it would be to over/ dangerously invest in them.

Cryptocurrencies are here and they’re not going anywhere. Blockchain technology is here too and it’s not going anywhere.

It would be ridiculously stupid to watch it all unfold completely from the sidelines. Why not dive in and research some of these amazing projects? Find out which ones you think are great companies. You have a brain and you probably have your own opinions. And, if you get the urge, what’s the harm in investing a few hundred dollars on your favorite coins? Just be very smart about it. Read The Intelligent Investor and Cryptoassets: The Innovative Investors’s Guide to Bitcoin and Beyond if you decide to go that route.

Back in the dot com bubble some people invested in Amazon, Ebay and Priceline, and those turned out to be great companies. The thing is, the next Amazon is on Coin Market Cap dot com. Why not take the time to learn about a few of these cryptoassets, and educate yourself? Everyone agrees that blockchain will be a part of the future, so why would you choose to remain ignorant on the topic? Now, that’s stupid.

If you don’t believe any of the cryptocurrencies you’ve researched have future potential (there are a lot, so you won’t be able to get to them all), then don’t invest your hundred dollars. That’s perfectly fine. At least, at that point, you’ll have a decent understanding of what bitcoin and blockchain is.

MMM’s article really surprised me. Comparing bitcoin to his nail clippings? Come on, are you serious? If you don’t want to invest, that’s fine, but don’t continue to go about your days thinking that bitcoin is as valueless as your nail clippings and tulips. That’s plain stupid.

****This is not financial advise. I’m not a financial adviser.****

On being sad and depressed

Why is it that you’re so sad and depressed? Especially, if you live in a prosperous country (U.S.A.) and live a relatively good life?

The issue can be that your life is so good that you actually have time to get bored and sad. People who live in more challenging areas, such as Brazil, don’t have time to get sad and depressed. They always have to remain on the move to survive. Having the time to be sad would be a luxury for them.

If you’re sad and depressed, try to challenge yourself day in and day out. Clearly, you have too much time on your hands to dwell on those few things you don’t happen to have in life. Create a list of tasks that’ll pose a challenge for you to complete.

Do something before you become addicted to the negative and depressed emotions. Embrace your emotions, but then get over it. You can’t waste your entire life sitting around being sad and depressed. It’s time for you to create a challenge for yourself, and purpose to your days.

Sometimes an alcohol hangover, bad diet, lack of sunlight or lack of exercise can be exacerbating the issue. If you know you’re slacking in those areas of your life, then it’s time to get them fixed. Now is the time to get the ball rolling.

I’ve visited family in Mexico who are so poor that they can’t afford to live in a home equipped with an indoor kitchen. Their kitchen is a grill outside. When I went to their house to visit, with my Uncle, they offered us corn on the cob. They mentioned that they had been eating corn on the cob all week, for every meal of the day. That’s all they could afford to eat for the week. They weren’t even sad about it, because they mentioned it casually.

They were very fun to be around. They spent most of their time smiling and joking around. They had a difficult life in Mexico, but were a lot more happy than some of my family and friends here in the good ol’ U.S.

That’s probably one of the biggest realization I made while visiting Mexico. That you don’t need anything to be happy. Happiness is a choice. So, if you’re sad or depressed right now, make the choice to be happy.