Bitcoin is Digital Gold

Have you heard of Bitcoin and blockchain technology? If you haven’t, then do yourself the favor and look into it. This is the next technological revolution and you’re still not too late. You can learn about blockchain, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, ICOs and hopefully make a few moves that will pay off for you, financially, in 1 – 3 years.

I’m not a financial adviser, nor is this financial advice.

I’ve wondered how cool it would have been to be aware of the internet revolution while it was happening during the 90’s. Imagine the websites I could have launched, domain names I could have bought and investments I could have made (Amazon at $1 per share!).

Well, here is my new chance. It’s call blockchain technology. It all started in 2008 with the creation of Bitcoin. Yes, I wish I would have known about this world years ago, but there’s no point in thinking about that anymore. I finally looked into Bitcoin around 4 months ago and I’ve been learning as much as possible every single day. It’s a new and insanely exciting world. The more you learn, the more you realize you don’t know.

Yes, I do own Bitcoin and a few other coins. Once you dive into this world you quickly begin to realize that blockchain is going to change everything (like the internet did). Some believe that it will take over 10 years for that to happen. I think back at how quickly smart phones took over, apps, and social media. Taking that into consideration, it’s likely that blockchain tech will change everything a lot sooner than 10 years.

As new technologies continue to emerge, we’re adopting them at a quicker rate. We’re far more accepting of life changing technologies than we were before the internet.

They’re saying that Bitcoin is digital gold, and from what I’ve learned I agree. Today, Bitcoin hit an all time high which was slightly over $8,000 per bitcoin.