10 bloggers you must read to unleash the badass

10 bloggers you must read to unleash the badass. If you want to become badass or create a badass life then these bloggers have the answers. I’ve been following these bloggers for some time now and they are all amazing in their own unique way. Of course they all do more than just run a blog. They are all busy leading badass and important lives. If you put their teachings to work, you are certain to transform your life from mundane to badass. The list is in no particular order. They are all ‘number 1’ because they are all equally great reads. I know there are other great bloggers/ thinkers out there but this is my list.

1) Maria Popova from Brain Pickings dot org. Maria reads a ton of awesome books that she summarizes for her readers. I frequently visit her site to check out her latest work. Be prepared to be exposed to great philosophy and other great life ideas. They are all coming from the greatest minds that ever lived.


1) David Cain from Raptitude dot com. David posts new material every Monday. His awesome ideas on life are always thought provoking. This has been a must read every Monday since I discovered his blog over a year ago.


1) Mr. Money Mustache from Mr. Money Mustache dot com. Mr. Money Mustache has paved the road to early retirement. After reading his blog, it doesn’t make any sense to me why you would want to retire at 65 when it is clearly possible to retire at 40 years of age or even closer to 30 years of age. He offers great financial advice.


1) Steve Pavlina from Steve Pavlina dot com. Steve has a great life philosophy. It is to continue to grow and experience new things. Personal Development for smart people is what he calls it. Reading his blog has really rewired my brain for the better. Steve is the one who really got me to see the benefits of reading books.


1) Seth Godin from Seth Godin dot typepad dot com. Seth Godin has experience in nearly every sector in life. His ideas are always thought provoking. This is a must read everyday because he posts everyday! If your want to think, this is where you need to go. Also, check out his books. I think I’ve read them all (minus one or two) and they are all good.


1) Chris Guillebeau from Chris Guillebeau dot com. Chris is a master at traveling. He has been to every country in the world (193 to be exact). His blog ranges from traveling to ideas on non-conformity. It’s always a great read.


1) Julien Smith from In Over Your Head dot net. Though Julien doesn’t blog much these days, his site is still live and ready to be read. Julien is uncensored for the most part. His blog is always a fun read when you are looking for some motivation.


1) Andrew Chen from Andrew Chen dot co. Andrew has tons of essays that deal with technology and start-ups. If you are looking to increase your knowledge in this world then I highly recommend that you take the time to read his essays. They are always good and informative.


1) Ryan Holiday from Ryan Holiday dot net. Ryan writes on ‘meditations on strategy and life.’ I’ve learned a lot from his writing. He also writes for a number of other sites. You can find his other writing if you click on the link to his site. Oh yeah and his books are pretty damn good too.


1) The Minimalists from The Minimalists dot com. Joshua and Ryan are cool guys. They teach you how to live a great life without needing the fluff (which usually doesn’t help improve your life anyway). Even if you can’t reach their level, it is always good to realize that stuff doesn’t equal happiness.