Lying and the Truth

Why is lying looked at as a bad thing? The biggest and most successful people on the planet lie all the time. Sports stars, actors, CEOs and politicians lie to the camera, and to us, daily. Yet, somehow we still think that lying is a bad thing and that being honest should be our goal.

To the average person, lying is extremely undervalued and even vilified. Why is that? The people the average person looks up to use lying, on a daily basis, as a powerful tool. That’s something to keep note of.

Maybe, it’s one of those secrets that only successful people are in on.

Sort of like, the average person spending hours each day watching TV and Netflix. They think it’s okay, yet successful people don’t waste that much time sitting around. Thinking that lying is a bad thing, might be a false belief that millions of us have. Lying, convincingly, is a skill most people have never thought to cultivate.

Lying is a tool that we should all master and use. The people at the top do. How many times do you hear a politician, or professional athlete, actually speak the truth? They’re always lying and never actually answering any questions. Still, the average person believes that telling the truth is the way to go. They’re blind to the reality that lying is everywhere.

You can strive to be honest and speak only the truth, but rest assured that you are always being lied to. The powerful people, on this planet, don’t care about telling the truth. They care about their image, and that translates to their dollars.

Ads and commercials are all lies. Because, the average person believes that we should all strive for honestly, they fall for the lies that happiness is at the bottom of their favorite soda drink. They think that drinking beer is going to get them the girls. Or, buying the latest car is going to get them the respect they deserve. Or, the best answer to their current hunger is Taco Bell’s latest menu item invention (have you seen their newest taco that features an egg as the tortilla?).

Lies are everywhere and the truth is nowhere. Lying is more powerful than we want to think.

If you had an interview today, how honest would you be? Being completely honest, in the interview, is a sure way to not get the job. We know that lying helps us in certain situations (job interviews), but why don’t we lie more often? The people we admire seem to do so.

Diamonds and good work

Here’s a good post from Rohan at A Learning A Day:

“Like diamonds, good work is a result of a prolonged period of continuous pressure.

The continuous pressure does two important things. First, it propels us to take daily action. And, second, it forces us to make sure we’re constantly learning and growing. This learning and growth, in turn, enables us to make the take better action.

Put together, this combination of daily action and continuous learning and growth make for a powerful self reinforcing combination.

Why, then, do people run away from continuous pressure? Perhaps the answer lies in the word “pressure.” It sounds stressful and negative. It can be all of that, of course. But, it can also be the kind of environment in which we thrive.

The difference, I’ve come to realize, come down to just one question – is the pressure imposed by someone else or is it self imposed?

The former creates negativity while the latter lays the foundation for an exciting, learning filled, life.”

Now the question to ask yourself is, whether or not you’re continuing to apply pressure to the different areas of your life. Are you, or have you grown stagnant?

The World is a Mirror

I’ve noticed that a lot of times others will mirror back your feelings. The world is a mirror. Specifically, when dealing with other people.

If you’re acting cold towards someone, they’ll act cold towards you.

If you’re acting rude towards someone, they’ll act rude towards you.

If you’re being nice to someone, they’ll be nice to you.

If you’re acting friendly towards someone, they’ll act friendly towards you.

If you’re open to talking to strangers, strangers will be open to talking to you.

Obviously, this isn’t always 100% the case. But, it’s the case often enough that you should always keep this idea in mind.

Sometimes that cold person is simply being cold, because you’re being cold to them! It’s common enough that you shouldn’t overlook the possibility. I’ve experienced this myself, and I’ve heard examples of it from friends and family members.

Do you have a rude coworker, roommate or family member? Next time you run into them, pay close attention to how you act and treat them. The truth might surprise you.

Mayweather vs McGregor predictions and themes

Before the big fight this past Saturday, August 26, 2017, of Mayweather vs McGregor I was struggling to make a prediction. If you were following sports talk and news, you would have known that the Mayweather vs McGregor predictions were all over the place. Some experts were saying Mayweather would knock out McGregor in the first round, while others were predicting the exact opposite. I boiled the fight down to three major themes, which helped me make my prediction.

1) The father-time theme. Mayweather was coming out of a two year retirement for that boxing match and he’s 40 years old. As we all know, father-time is undefeated. Eventually, the best of the best will fall to age. The question was, would this be the fight were Mayweather’s age became a huge factor?

2) The underdog theme. McGregor was a major underdog. It was his first professional boxing match, and it would be Mayweather’s 50th professional boxing match. Not to mention, Mayweather is considered to be one of the best to ever box. We all know the story of the underdog fighting against all odds to defeat the giant. Could McGregor be motivated to a level high enough to beat the champ?

3) Skill is what counts in sports. That’s the third theme. Would the other two themes be irrelevant, because the skill gap would be too great. Mayweather has far more experience in boxing than McGregor (a professional MMA fighter). Would this be like Kobe Bryant stepping on the court (he’s currently retired) with the best college player, for a 1-on-1 basketball game? Regardless, of how great this college player is, no one would doubt that a retired Kobe Bryant would still be able to defeat him very easily.

The night before the fight, I decided that the skill gap was too great to ignore, and that the third theme would outweigh the other two themes. Mayweather looked pretty good in his last fight two years ago and he looked in very good shape for this fight. That convinced me that the father-time theme would not play a major role in this fight. Of course, eventually it will because father-time is undefeated.

I also decided that McGregor being an underdog wasn’t going to be enough to overcome Mayweather’s skill and boxing talents. Belief can only take you so far. It would not be enough to cover up his rookie mistakes. I decided that the underdog theme wins and is vitally important when skill levels are equally matched, or very similar. That wasn’t the case for this boxing match.

In the end, I correctly made my Mayweather vs McGregor predictions. Mayweather won the fight by knockout, and made it look relatively easy. It felt cool, because I actually thought about it as opposed to making a prediction based off of emotion or who I liked.

For the next big sporting event, I plan to lay out the themes and choose based off of which I feel will play a larger role. Hopefully I’m correct again!